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YES - AND...

A few Saturday mornings ago, I was listening to the radio and an actor was being interviewed. She was in our city for the annual High Performance Rodeo festival. Okay I admit I wasn't really listening until - I heard the words the words "Yes, and..." Then my ears perked up. The actor went on to elaborate that the phrase "Yes, AND..." is a foundation block of Improv Theatre.

YES - Accepting of the invitation.
 AND - engaging and carrying the dialogue forward.

And because Improv can throw us unexpected curves - we must listen.

YES - AND...

These are the exact two words I have been struggling to understand ever since I started my Improv Handbook of Modern Quilters exercise.

I turned to Dr Google to learn more. Two little words that can have all sorts of applications from theatre to quilting to being a better boss. Two little words wading into uncharted waters. Unfolding, uncertain, perilous, uncomfortable. On the other hand - delightful, playful, unconventional. Sometim…