Monday, June 29, 2015

The albatross around my neck...

Have you ever spent countless hours looking for the perfect pattern to make the perfect quilt with the perfect fabric for a special person - only to realize mid way in - that you hate dislike the project itself with a red hot passion? 

A few years ago (and maybe I've written posts about this before) I wanted to make a quilt for Youngman II. He was reluctantly agreeable (he's not a big quilt fan) and only succumbed when I found the "perfect quilt" pattern on Pintrest. It's called the "Bleacher Quilt" and I found it by searching "man quilt". It was agreed I would do it in the team colours of his favourite NFL team the Baltimore Ravens. Terrific I thought. So with jersey in hand I headed to the quilt shop to do a colour match. I returned with endless metres of dark purple and black. Ugh! Not my colours. I found some Raven team logo fabric online and added some gold for relief.

Now as far as the actual quilt pattern goes (it comes as a pdf) - it was terrific. A variety of sizes, clear concise instructions. I loved the potential for fussy cutting (which I did). But it was the colours that we dragging me down. It took forever to complete. And I missed deadlines. Christmas #1. Graduation. Birthday. Christmas #2. 

This is the only quilting project I have referred to as "the big black cloud" and "the albatross around my neck." I have plenty of WIPS but this one I was actively avoiding - like a migraine.

Finally Youngman II announced he was leaving the nest to get degree #2. I decided I had to put this sucker to rest. 

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