Monday, March 17, 2014

Gypsy Wife Quilt Along

I am a self confessed Quilt Store "fabric remnant bin" addict. Since most bins come with a 10 - 20 % off sticker price and are great for scrappy quilts - they seem like little rolls of bliss. Needless to say I pick them up on a regular basis. I also have quite a few fat quarters and fat eights. I recently decided something "must be done" with this mish mash stash I have accumulated.

And as luck would have it - the Gypsy Wife Quilt by Jen Kingwell fell out of the sky and into my lap. The added bonus? My local quilt store is doing it as a QAL - and - Flickr has an online QAL going simultaneously. How lucky is that?

Having perused the pattern I am thinking it looks quite doable - and since many of the blocks have borders - I can fudge the sizes a wee bit if I come up short (which I've done twice already).

I attended my first class late last month and read there was an errata on the first block. I noted this and continued making the block. I checked everything carefully and laid out the block before stitching and - voila! I screwed up my block (Colour Wheel block). Ironically as I was in the process of making this error, my mind was entertaining itself about being a bit more "Dr Suess - like" in my approach to quilting. You know -instead of becoming paralyzed due the fear of imperfection just asking myself "What would Dr Suess do?"

Well after stitching and pressing, I prepared to take my first pic of my Gypsy Wife and oh! to my horror! this is what peered back at me...

I'm certain even Dr Suess would have used his seam ripper on occasionHmmmm. So my first challenge - what would Dr Suess do?

(Let's face it - even Dr Suess had his limits...)


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Quick pic and a post...

Here are my Sochi - Peace gloves. I've made them tipless so that I can use them for things requiring a bit more dexterity than I have with the tips on (using my mobile etc). They were a fun knit and I'm glad I made them as colourful as I did. I have to say this bout of knitting has renewed my love and fascination about what 2 little sticks and string can do.

Linked to WIP Wednesday on the Needle & Thread Network.

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