Tuesday, October 29, 2013

... Slow but steady / WIP

Progress on the "Hometown Picnic Quilt" (Quiltmania Summer 2012) continues. I have finally finished all my needle turn applique petals on 25+ squares - which in retrospect once I decided to get going on them - went pretty quickly. 

I am now doing a hand embroidered running stitch around each petal. I've cut a mylar plastic template and have lightly traced the "petal echo" around each petal. I have a a good selection of DMC floss and recently added some Cosmo floss to compare the experience. Apparently I should be able to feel a  "noticeable difference" between the two stitching experiences (according to a few blogs I've read). I'll keep you posted on that.

One thing I did notice a difference in - was the stitching experience using different threads for my hand applique. I have a number of cotton threads - some Gutermmann, some Presencia, some Mettler. All  were 50wt. some were silk finish. I picked up a few spools of "silk finish" Tre Stelle 40 wt thread. A bit pricey. Worth it? Yes! The thread just slips like butter through the fabric and the big bonus - minimal knots or tangling. Any knots that did occur were easily teased apart. Replacing all my thread isn't a realistic approach - but since I really don't have a lot of applique threads yet anyways - I will keep this thread option in mind for future projects when I need to buy more colours.

Well that's it for this week. I went to a Quilt Along at my LQS yesterday - and as usual spent more time shopping, socialising, eating, trying out new gadgets, discussing techniques and admiring everyone's WIP's... but hey isn't that a Quilt Along is all about?

Linking to the Needle & Thread Network WIP Wednesday project!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Welcoming winter...

So - we all heard it was coming. Guess I was in denial - what with all the +20 celsius weather lulling us into complacency.

I woke up to rain around 7am - and here we are at 9:22 (details! details!) and it is snowing... I was supposed to walk this morning - but we have postponed. A good day for making soup? Trying out my new "slow cooker lasagna" recipe?

Kitchen reno is still in process - ironically sweating out the details of having finally chosen the kitchen cabinet hardware - and now the placement of same. Horizontal vs vertical. Or a combination of both? As we work through this process I am getting a much clearer understanding of what is referred to as "first world problems". Completely taking for granted that it's snowing outside and I'm snug in my house with heat, clean running water and loads of food. 

Anyways - happy Sunday! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Re - engaging...

Happy belated Thanksgiving! It is time to celebrate the annual "turning of the leaves". This pic was taken in my back alley. Now how special is that? 

We're in the process of gutting and renovating the kitchen, so my contribution to Turkey Dinner was limited to what I could make in the slow cooker. In this case "Calico Bean Pot" thanks to "The Best of the Best" cookbook from The Best of Bridge. 

After 30 years of living in the same house and reviewing our post retirement plans - it has been determined that we are staying put (literally). So something had to be done about the kitchen. We have currently dispersed the kitchen throughout our little bungalow and as I write this, the hum of the relocated refrigerator drones in my ears. We are washing dishes in the bathroom and I'm not quite sure what I've washed my hair with this morning - I smell suspiciously "Ultra Marine OXY clean". Having said that - it's amazing how willing I am to just lick my plastic fork clean and ignore the fact that my coffee cup smells like remnants of  yesterdays soup. One man's juice cup is another man's spit cup? The can opener now resides in the toothbrush holder - an accident just waiting to happen, and I'm visualizing my debut on "Real Live Stories from the ER"...

It was a beautiful weekend and a friend and I went for a walk at the Glenmore Reservoir.  We usually "pump it up" to burn off calories-  but it's been a while - so we called a truce and were kinder to ourselves. And look who popped out on the pathway?

Turns out her little doe was waiting on the other side of the pathway... what a treat!

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