Friday, May 24, 2013

May Long Weekend (recap)

When Youngmen l and ll were little ka-dittles, the May Long Weekend (aka Victoria Day weekend) was usually spent in a tent. Until we started living the high life and upgraded to a vintage little SouthPark trailer). That went along swimmingly for a few years until we ran a foul of the "night shift" park warden who slept days. Youngman ll had developed an affinity for starting off every morning bellowing the "Oscar Myer Weiner" song (one more time!) and the warden's better half responded in kind by screaming at him to "Shuuuut Uppppppp!" What's a mother to do?  "... all join in - acapella now!"

Needless to say our May long weekends were getting exceedingly l o n g e r. Then came the great flood and our worries (along with our campsite) were washed away. We became May Long Weekend urban deck dwellers. Where the Wiener Song happily competed with Karaoke Boy across the alley, and the Battle of Lawn Mower man vs Sleep Late Sal was in full swing every weekend. Who knew all this good stuff was happening in suburbia?

But time marches on. The neighbourhood is maturing and our long weekends turn to other things.

Like the Farmer's Market Street Food Festival! Where food truck poutine and beef sliders can peacefully coexist with organic honey and farm direct veggies.

The garden is dug and lettuce seeds are sowed. My potatoes have taken on a life of their own - spouting in the bag! I pick up my heirloom tomatoes from my Tomato Guy.

The bicycle tuneup has been completed. The outdoor chair cushions are inspected and the sun umbrella is opened.

... and the weatherman calls begs for.... leniency? ( Well folks - looks like another super weekend to clean out your fridge and re-grout your tiles!)

Viva Victoria!

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