Sunday, March 11, 2012

long time no write...

Since this February 2012 was a Leap Year - I guess I just leaped right over it... ha! ha! I'm finding that I'm am very busy these days. And not sure exactly what I've been doing.

I've been going to physio for my knee (which is coming along - but not as quickly as I'd like). Having said that I walked the 2012 Hypothermic Half Marathon - in which I just beat my personal worst.

I went snow shoeing for the first time and it was fantastic! My new favorite winter sport.

Making Snow Angels

I've bought a "new to me" bicycle with 20" tires. It's a vintage Italian folding bike. I really didn't need another bike - but since I ride all over campus during Fibre Week I wanted something I could easily fold up and carry into my room at night. It was cheap inexpensive.

1960's Cinzio fold up bike

I moved to the dark side - and bought an iPhone (ugh!).  I've joined the iPhone drone team - walking head down, fingers fidgeting and falling into ponds etc. I text my kids night and day.

"Lunch is ready"
"Are you home?"
"Do we need milk?"
"Where are you?" (In which the response is "I'm in the next room")

When asked if I know the temp outside - I respond "No, but there's an app for that."

I am playing with Siri the voice activated "intelligent assistant" with mixed success.

" Siri  - text Youngman 2"
" You want to send a text?"
" Yes"
" To Youngman 2?"
" Yes".
"What would you like to say?"
" Thank you for looking for a coffee maker"
"Okay - Would you like me to send your text?"
" Yes..."

Message sent via Siri:

"Thank you for looking for a call me Baker"

We are still working out the kinks...

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