Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tour de Fleece 2011

 Today I start my third Tour de Fleece. I'm spinning for Team Canada on the Ravelry TDF forum which has a record 4221 spinners and over 200 wild card teams. I had planned on spinning singles using my Kromski Sonata and plying on my Lendrum - but I have just discovered that my flyer is still sitting up in a classroom in Olds! (Now how's that for absent minded?) So I'm spinning on my minstrel instead. (Note to self: you can never have too many spinning wheels). The original Tour de Fleece actually started on Keep Knitting In the Free World. I finally found it right when Ravelry was taking off - so I joined up there. I knew nothing about the actual Tour de France - but started watching as "something to do" while I was spinning. I bought a couple of magazines the first year just to get the drift of things. Year Two I bought Tour de France for Dummies - it's helped immensely. And this year? The big news is full coverage on ESPN and it's all in HD! July is just lookin' wonderful!

 So what am I spinning for my 2011 tour?

Merino Superwash - from Knitopia

Let the spinning begin!

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