Monday, June 13, 2011

The Hope Quilt - in process...

So I decided to finally crack open the  "Crazy Old Ladies" Hope Quilt pattern that I bought last year. I was drawn to the pattern for a number of reasons. A. I like pink and B. I thought it would be a nice way to commemorate my first Weekend to End Women's Cancers 60 kilometre walk, which I did last year.
When I bought the pattern I thought it was applique - but now I see it's a "crazy pieced" stack and whack pattern. I'm not exactly sure what "crazy piecing" means - except that each piece of the ribbon block is oddly shaped (see below). When they are pieced together they will make the ribbon block.

... but first - let's look at colour!

Getting all the pinks figured out was an adventure. The pattern calls for 10 pink fat quarters in varying contrasts of light, medium and dark. I bought several bits that I thought were great but when they were up on the design call - they just didn't cut the mustard. Some pinks had purple undertones, and others were brownish. Various shades, hues and designs were shuffled around the wall for a good couple of months. ( I have to admit I delight in just looking at the fabric - actually doing something with it sometimes seems optional).

I found my camera to be a wonderful tool and took tons of photos. Each colour combo was catalogued, copied and then made into a black & white to see if there was enough contrast.


Well that's it for the "... in process" post for today. Sew happy!    

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