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Stuck at home...

Archive Fibre Week photo 2007 - Felting by Foot

Today is an unusual "Judi Day." It is my day off and instead of going on a road trip or some other whimsical fanciful spontaneous adventure, I'm stuck cocooning at home. I have 2 plumbers downstairs jackhammering the concrete floor to bits. They are fixing a pipe which has collapsed. It's a big honking old thing which apparently they don't even make anymore (just in case ya wanted ta know).

I'm also waiting for 10 books (Icelandic Fleece - a Fibre for all Reasons) to arrive so I can get them up to Fibre Week tomorrow. ( I'm so desperate to get my books that I ran out the bread store yesterday to accost a postal guy in his truck just to ensure he wasn't going to my house next).

So what does one do when they're tied to their house for the day?
  • I could clean the house - but there's no available water for the next 3 hours - yippee!
  • I could do some sewing but all my stuff is set up downstairs and I'm just too lazy to haul it upstairs (because that would entail putting away all the stuff currently piled on the kitchen table from 5 days at Fibre Week, which I plunked there and announced "I'm beat!" and popped a beer).
  • I could actually start unpacking - but it's far too early for that. I generally don't unpack for a good couple days after a trip. I like to lay a little "I haven't made up my mind if I'm staying yet" fear into the troops.
  • I could kick back and watch TV - but I'm a bit of a "silence is golden" freak in the morning.
So I think I'll just work on a few things that I've been putting off. Things like:
  • Figuring out how Picasa works and deciding if I really wanna go down that road. I already have Flickr but can't get the hang of all the sets and groups and tags and bla bla bla.
  • Cleaning out my Inbox, Outbox, Delete box, and Spam box.
  • Downloading my pics from Fibre Week and writing up some stuff for the blog (it was a great week).
  • Checking out metronome apps for android (I'll tell you more about that later). 
So... I guess I'm having a technology day - not sure if that's a yip or a yuck.


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