Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dealing with pressure...

This upcoming week is going to be a busy one for me. I have alot of projects requiring my attention and they are all time sensitive. And of course it's all self inflicted. This is where I should have kept my big fat mouth shut... but instead I said " I'll do that..."  or "No problem, I can look into that" or "Hey wouldn't it be great if...."

And the "To Do List" just keeps growing.

And worst of all - the way I deal with pressure (or stress) is avoidance. Hence the whole revamping of my new blog(s) this week. Granted, I'm very pleased with them. And yes, in the long run I can buy 2 more lattes per month, or 2 fat quarters, or 1 ball of yarn with all that "extra dough" I'll be saving someday in the future - when I actually close down my other account.

But... in the meantime - it's Father's Day. The Old Guy (who really keeps the whole place running) will have supper prepared by Youngman 1. Youngman 2 will hopefully be home from a road trip. And me? Initially I said I'd make an Apple Pie - from scratch. Then I modified the plan to read  Apple Crisp (no crust to fiddle with). I keep telling him "I'm making this from scratch you know." But as the clock ticks nearer to dinner my mind wanders.

Do they sell Apple Crisp in a Can?

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